British Luxury Summit
A Radical New Vision
Monday 23rd May
In-person at The Londoner
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Traveller Made

Network The Traveller Made® network community gathers agencies selected by-invitation-only. Travel Designers Selected travel agencies are on-demand and bespoke travel designers. Unique and exclusive bespoke journeys Journeys are designed and produced on demand and are unique. Member agencies, mainly, produce 100% bespoke holidays all over the world. Travellers looking for different and original experiences Luxury travellers expect their perception of the world to be transformed by new travel ideas. Luxury travellers are individuals or groups looking for family journeys or corporate travel and incentive programmes. Skilled and knowledgeable advisors Travel advisors selected by Traveller Made® have been in the business for more than 10 years and have an extensive knowledge of many different countries, activities, cultures and holiday styles. Committed to fully servicing their clients Travel advisors selected by Traveller Made® believe that luxury service is all about trying to understand their client’s unique expectations and being committed to meeting their needs. Traveller Made® Member Agencies are choosen after a 2 stage process 1/ Invited travel designers have been pre-selected by 2 steering committees that gather luxury hoteliers and tailor-made incoming agencies. Once a potential Member Agency has been pre-selected, Traveller Made® invites them to officially apply. 2/ In the application process, travel designers must provide detailed information about their business, their growth strategy and their organisation. The decision to accept a travel designer as a member agency depends on the information we receive and whether it matches our manifesto.