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The Bicester Village Shopping Collection

A spacious and enchanting, open-air setting steeped in regional identity, each Village offers superb service, exquisite amenities and exceptional value, with year-round savings of up to 60% on the recommended retail price. Innovatively showcasing both fashion and culture, a dynamic and ever-evolving programme of art, design and retail theatre captures the imaginations of the Villages’ guests, 45 million of whom visited in 2019. For these guests, every detail of the shopping experience is considered with the ultimate personalisation in mind. Tailored services include everything from private suites to Personal Shopping. While Shopping Protocols continue to offer peace of mind to those visiting the Villages, a new Virtual Shopping Service is available for guests who wish to shop the Village remotely by private consultation. Places where magical moments unfold and memories are made, the Villages also offer dining experiences that reflect regions rich in culinary tradition. From world-renowned restaurants to quirky food trucks and cool cafĂ©s, a wealth of cuisines caters to local and global palates alike. More than 25 years of outstanding brand curation and unparalleled service has created a shopping experience unlike any other. The Bicester Village Shopping Collection: discover something extraordinary every day. www.TheBicesterVillageShoppingCollection.com